You may have read about the $105 million wildfire assistance fund proposed by PG&E in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy judge approved the housing assistance fund and urged PG&E and unsecured creditors committees to work quickly to choose a third-party fund administrator. The fund is designated to assist wildfire victims of the 2018 Camp Fire and 2017 Northern California Wildfires who have urgent needs, are uninsured, or require assistance with alternative living expenses.

Once an administrator is in place, the administrator will oversee the payment of funds to eligible wildfire victims. The administrator will be responsible for working with a team of professionals to establish the fund’s eligibility requirements, review applications for assistance, and pay funds to approved applicants. Priority is expected to be given to applicants who have immediate and urgent needs, including applicants who are currently without adequate shelter.

The Fund Is NOT the Final Payment of Claims

Camp Fire victims and victims of the other California wildfires started by PG&E should not confuse the housing assistance fund with the deadline for filing proofs of claim in PG&E’s Chapter 11 case.

Proofs of claim filed against PG&E in its bankruptcy case, including claims filed by wildfire victims, must be submitted by October 21, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. (Prevailing Pacific Time). Proofs of claims filed after the deadline will not be considered.

Filing an application for housing assistance from the fund created by PG&E is not the same as filing a proof of claim for injuries and damages related to the Camp Fire and other PG&E fires. Do not assume that by filing an application for housing assistance you will receive compensation for your other damages and losses caused by the wildfire. You must file a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court before the deadline on October 21, 2019.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Rules Can Be Difficult to Understand

There are many elements of the PG& Chapter 11 case that are complicated and difficult to understand. However, the court will not accept confusion or lack of legal knowledge as a reason for not filing a proof of claim or failing to file required documentation and evidence of a claim. If you do not follow all rules and procedures for bankruptcy claims, you could lose your right to recover compensation for damages and losses from the Camp Fire and other California wildfires caused by PG&E.

It is important that you seek experienced legal advice as soon as possible regarding PG&E wildfire claims. The Thompson Law Office continues to advise and accept new clients regarding claims against PG&E regarding wildfire damages and losses. If you have questions, do not wait to ask an attorney for help. Waiting can leave you without any money for your wildfire claim.

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