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If You’ve Been Injured in a Construction Accident, We Can Help!

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations, in California and around the country. In 2015, the construction industry accounted for nearly one in five occupational deaths in California, with tens of thousands of additional injuries resulting in lost work days and injury-related restrictions. Although the nature of the work carries some risk, these injuries often result from negligence, including violation of occupational safety standards.

We help people who have been injured on construction sites pursue the compensation they need and deserve.

Common California Construction Injuries

While there are many possible opportunities for mishaps on a construction site, a handful of accident types account for most serious construction injuries and deaths. These include:

  • Falls, which account for about 1/3 of construction fatalities
  • Being struck with an object, such as a tool or a beam
  • Being caught
    • between machinery and the structure
    • in machinery; or
    • in a cave-in or collapse
  • Electrocution

Within each of these categories, there are common negligent actions that contribute to a significant percentage of the injuries. For example, falls often occur because safety precautions such as barriers and harnesses are not employed. Electrocution injuries frequently occur when safety buffers are not observed and construction workers operate too close to power lines or other power sources.

Who is Responsible for a Construction Injury?

Determining liability in a construction injury case can be complicated. Often, there are many parties involved in the operation of a construction site and the equipment used, including:

  • The general contractor, who may or may not be the injured person’s employer
  • Subcontractors, who may or may not be the injured person’s employer
  • The owner of the property under construction
  • One of more companies providing rental equipment
  • One or more equipment manufacturers

In some cases, two or more parties may be jointly liable for your injuries.

To help ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries, the Thompson Law Offices investigates all possible claims and responsible parties. These claims may take different forms, depending on the nature of the injury and the parties involved. Some common examples include:

  • A worker’s compensation claim
  • Personal injury litigation against someone who behaved negligently
  • A premises liability claim against the owner of the property
  • A product liability claim against the manufacturer or seller of faulty equipment

Delay Can Hurt Your Construction Injury Claim

Any time you have an injury claim, it is a good idea to contact an attorney as soon as possible. That is especially true in a construction injury case, because the nature of the industry means that evidence will be quickly lost or destroyed. The premises where the injury occurred will be altered as the construction project moves forward, and equipment will be moved to new locations, used by a variety of different workers, and perhaps even repaired. In the process, your expert witnesses may lose the opportunity to inspect evidence, making it more difficult to build a strong case on your behalf.

In addition, much shorter deadlines may apply in some workplace claims. For example, a California worker who intends to pursue a worker’s compensation claim is required to make a report to his or her employer within 30 days of the injury.

Talking to a personal injury attorney who is experienced in construction injury cases as early as possible can help protect your claims and ensure that important evidence is secured.

Talk to a Construction Injury Attorney Right Away

At the Thompson Law Offices, we make it our mission to untangle the complexities in a construction accident case and prepare the strongest case possible. Our goal is always to pursue full value of your claims, so you can move forward secure in the resources you need to recover and rebuild.

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