• Due to the size disparity between large trucks and tractor trailers verses passenger automobiles, accidents between these vehicles is a major cause of traffic related deaths.
  • Commercial vehicles are subject to special traffic laws and regulations and must be maintained to high standards. Additionally, drivers of these vehicles work long hours and are pressured to meet deadlines, which can lead to fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Trucking companies and their insurance providers will often provide their own “analysis” of an accident, where they will attempt to place blame on the other party and then offer a settlement.
  • A qualified truck accident lawyer or attorney can investigate both the truck and the driver to determine if they were following the required laws at the time of the accident.

Accidents involving large trucks and tractor trailers are one of the major causes of traffic related deaths in the US. A typical large commercial truck can weigh as much as 30 times that of a passenger automobile. Due to this size disparity, any collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle is likely to result in disastrous consequences.   Therefore, trucks are subject to special traffic laws and regulations to minimize risk posed to the public.  Our knowledgeable team of truck accident lawyers can uncover violations of regulations related to truckers in order to help victims prevail in their case.

Large trucks are sophisticated vehicles that require high-level, systematic maintenance in order to function in a safe manner.  For example, trucks are supposed to be tested to ensure the functionality of all parts including brakes, brake lights, steering, reflectors, fluid levels, and of course, the engine.  Failure to perform the requisite maintenance or keep detailed records of such inspections can result in fatal traffic accidents.

Another reason why truck accidents are responsible for a significant number of fatalities is due to the fact that truck drivers typically work long hours and are under pressure to meet demanding deadlines.  The resulting fatigue and exhaustion on drivers can severely impair their judgment, often resulting in catastrophic accidents with their commercial vehicles.

Trucking companies as well as their insurers often conduct their own “analysis” of the accident that is designed to put victims at a disadvantage. It is imperative to retain a truck accident lawyer or attorney who can perform their own thorough investigation that will demonstrate the liability of the trucker who caused the accident.

Truck accident victims should not speak with or accept a settlement offer from insurance companies before hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent their interests. Insurance companies try to maximize their own profits by attempting to pay accident victims a settlement that is lower than what they may be entitled to. Generally, victims may receive compensation for the cost of medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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