Motorists purchase motor vehicle insurance so that they are protected if they are involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always act in good faith when they work with accident victims to settle insurance claims.

In this article, our California motor vehicle accident attorneys discuss:

  • Insurance Policies are Contracts
  • Types of Insurance Bad Faith in California
  • Preparing a California Insurance Bad Faith Claim Can Be Complicated
  • Talk to a California Insurance Bad Faith Attorney as Soon as Possible

It is frustrating to realize your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart.

After years of paying your insurance premiums each month on time and in full, you may find that your insurance company is more interested in finding an excuse to deny your claim than fulfilling the terms of its insurance contract with you. On the other hand, you may find out after causing a car crash that your insurance company is unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement to the person you injured because of a car accident. Because of your insurance company’s unwillingness to offer a fair settlement to the injured victims, you have now been served with a complaint seeking thousands of dollars in damages directly from you.

Finding an experienced California Insurance Bad Faith Attorney or Lawyer is critical to resolving these situations in your favor.

California law protects citizens against insurance companies that act in bad faith. The California Insurance Bad Faith lawyers at the Thompson Law Office put that law to work to hold insurance companies accountable and get insureds the recovery they deserve. In some cases, the insured may even be entitled to punitive damages. Call 1-650-513-6111 now for a free consultation with a member of our legal team.

Insurance Policies are Contracts

When you purchase insurance coverage, you enter into a contract with the insurance carrier. If you pay your premiums on time and otherwise fulfill the terms of the contract, the insurance company is required by law to uphold its responsibilities and duties set forth in the contract.

If the insurance company fails to perform under the terms of the insurance contract, you have a legal right to enforce that contract by taking the insurance company to court. Also, California law goes even further to hold insurance companies responsible when they breach their contracts and act in bad faith.

The first step is to learn more about your legal rights regarding insurance contracts and traffic accidents. A California insurance attorney with experience handling car accident claims can be a valuable resource of information, legal advice, support, guidance, and advocacy. Call 1-650-513-6111 to speak with a California accident and insurance attorney with The Thompson Law Office.

Types of Insurance Bad Faith in California

What constitutes bad faith? There are two types of California insurance bad faith claims: first party and third party claims.

First Party Bad Faith

First party bad faith occurs when an insurance company unreasonably withholds benefits from its own insured. Some examples might include a medical insurance company unreasonably denying coverage for treatment, a homeowner’s insurance carrier unreasonably refusing to pay out benefits after a fire, or an automobile insurance carrier unreasonably withholding benefits after the insured’s car was struck by an uninsured motorist.

Some examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Misrepresentations to policyholder
  • Unreasonable denial of claims
  • Underpayment of claims
  • Refusal to authorize

Third Party Bad Faith

California third-party bad faith claims involve the insurance company’s failure or refusal to settle a claim against the insured within the policy limits. When an insurer unreasonably declines to settle within the policy limits, and the insured becomes liable for the excess, the company may be held liable for damages.

The laws related to first-party bad faith claims and third-party bad faith claims are complex and can be challenging to understand. Our California bad faith insurance lawyers explain these terms in easy to understand, simple concepts. Call 1-650-513-6111 to ask for more information from a member of the Thompson Law Office legal team.

Preparing a California Insurance Bad Faith Claim Can Be Complicated

Want to know how to sue an insurance company for bad faith? Successfully bringing a bad faith suit against an insurance company requires significant analysis and investigation by an insurance bad faith attorney. That preparation may involve:

  • Scrutiny of your insurance policy to understand exactly what the company’s obligations were
  • Analysis of the company’s actions to determine the ways in which they were unreasonable
  • Discovery to learn more about the company’s internal policies
  • Depositions of one or more insurance company representatives
  • Research to find out whether the company has a pattern of this type of bad faith actions

Building a case requires knowledge and resources. Fortunately, the California insurance bad faith attorneys at the Thompson Law Office have the skills and experience necessary to advocate for you. Call 1-650-513-6111 for your free consultation.

Talk to a California Insurance Bad Faith Attorney as Soon as Possible

If your insurance company has been handling your claim in bad faith, the chances are that you have already suffered unreasonable delays. There is no reason to delay further. An insurance company that has already acted in bad faith is unlikely to do the right thing voluntarily. It’s time to take charge and demand fair compensation with the help of a California insurance bad faith attorney.

Insurance bad faith claims can be very complex, yet filing these claims is very important to protect policyholders, accident victims, and others who may fall victim to bad faith claims in the future.

California has among the most developed and favorable insurance bad faith laws in the country, and a California attorney experienced in insurance law and working closely with insurance companies can evaluate whether a bad faith claim has arisen, and how to obtain maximum recovery under the claim.

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