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California Auto Accidents Attorney

Car accidents in California can lead to a range of problems and complications for injured drivers, passengers, bystanders, and the driver at fault. California car accident law surrounding motor vehicle accidents can be very complex, leading to confusion as to how the issues stemming from the accident may be resolved, and leading to enormous stress on behalf of victims of car accidents in California.

California Bicycle Accidents Attorney

When a bicycle accident occurs, it is often the result of negligence from a motorist who did not exercise reasonable caution around a bicycle. As one can imagine in a automobile-bicycle collision, the cyclist will often suffer greater injuries due to the fact the cyclist is in a more vulnerable position. Most bicycle injuries involve head and neck trauma and serious injury to the arms and legs. Injuries to these regions of the body can result in severe and life-altering damage.

California Birth Injuries Attorney

Birth injuries are among the most traumatic of incidents that can happen to a new parent. Broadly, birth injuries fall under the category of medical malpractice: bad deeds done by a doctor, medical provider, or hospital in connection with the birth of a child. For example, birth injuries may occur that give rise to liability if a doctor fails to recognize that a newborn child is not getting sufficient oxygen, causes the baby to experience undue trauma at birth, or fails to identify that a newborn child has been born with a serious issue that requires immediate medical attention.

California Brain Injuries Attorney

Brain injuries can result from a variety of incidents, but often lead to lifelong medical complications, resulting in the need for constant care. A traumatic brain injury can occur from, among other incidents, a car accident, a slip and fall injury, an assault, or a strike to the head at a jobsite. The legal remedies available for brain injuries vary depending on how the injury was obtained.

California Burn Injuries Attorney

Burn injuries can come from many different incidents, such as from an accident at work, a defective product like a hot water heater, a motor vehicle accident, a home fire, or even the intentional act of someone else. Whether the injury was caused by a defective product or by someone else’s negligence, the injured victim will frequently require painful treatment and rehabilitation and, in some cases of catastrophic injuries, a lifetime of medical care.

California Catastrophic Injuries Attorney

A catastrophic injury is a type of personal injury that is lasting or permanent and consists of an injury that prevents the victim from returning to their normal life, including work. While most of these injuries happen due to an accident or product failure, they are sometimes caused due to another person’s negligence. If the latter is true, a personal injury attorney will enter the picture to help the victim obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

California Electrocutions Attorney

Victims of electrical accidents in California have many rights available to them depending on the nature of the accident. Unfortunately, electrocutions and other electrical accidents are not only debilitating and potentially life threatening, but can also cause excruciating pain, and the possibility of life-long disabilities.

California Medical Devices Attorney

Defective medical devices can devastate an individual hoping to rely on these devices to recover from injuries, or to save a life. Many defective medical devices are the result of product defects: for example, a company rushing to deliver a new product to the market without sufficiently testing the product for safety or long-term use. Although injuries that result from defective medical devices are the subject of product liability actions, injured patients may also have additional claims against their doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals.

California Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be a long, hard road. According to studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 75% of all motorcycle accidents and 50% of fatal accidents, involve two vehicles. The second vehicle is usually a car, and the motorcyclist almost always fares worse.

California Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

All property owners, residential and commercial, have the duty to ensure safe environments for all visitors. If you have been harmed by a hazardous condition on another’s sidewalk, personal residence, restaurant, mall, hotel, office building school, park, theater, museum or other property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability claim and receive compensation for your injury.

Premises Liability in California

Premises liability in California is the liability that a landowner or one in possession and control of property has for incidents that occur on that property. Premises liability therefore subsumes slip and fall cases (incidents in which an entrant to the property has hurt himself or herself due to something that the property owner has done or has failed to do), as well as a range of other incidents.

California Product Defects Attorney

The paradox of many consumer products is that we enjoy buying them and often take their safety for granted, due to the fact that we often do not appreciate the risk they pose. Given the wide scope and volume of consumer products whose danger is not apparent, we must understand that many products we pass off as completely harmless or likely harmless could pose a safety risk. One cannot always assume that a product will be safe for consumers to use even under normal use.

California Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sex offenses carry some of the most severe and potentially damaging penalties of any crime – including possible life imprisonment. These cases are highly driven by facts and too often there are no available witnesses other than the alleged victim and the defendant. If you are facing charges for a sex offense, including inappropriate touching, sexual battery or rape, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

California Slip and Fall Injuries Attorney

Slip and fall liability in California falls under the broader umbrella of “premises liability”—that is, the liability that a landowner or one in possession and control of property has for incidents that occur on that property. Slip and fall cases refer to incidents in which an entrant to the property has hurt himself or herself due to something that the property owner has done or has failed to do.

California Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney

Suffering a spinal cord injury can lead to debilitating, life-long challenges, sometimes requiring extensive rehabilitation and constant medical care. Most spinal cord injuries are irreversible, meaning that the victim may be saddled with permanent disabilities. As a result, it is extremely important for victims of these injuries to obtain appropriate compensation by contacting an experienced spinal cord injury attorney.

California Trucking Accidents Attorney

Accidents involving large trucks and tractor trailers are one of the major causes of traffic related deaths in the US. A typical large commercial truck can weigh as much as 30 times that of a passenger automobile. Due to this size disparity, any collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle is likely to result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, trucks are subject to special traffic laws and regulations to minimize risk posed to the public.

California Wrongful Death Attorney

The worst thing that can happen in this life is to have someone you love taken from you prematurely. And when there is no reason for it, when it is due to negligence, it’s even worse. Nothing can make up for your loss. But those responsible can be held accountable. They should pay for the expenses and hardship left in the wake of your tragic loss.