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Injuries as a result of moving vehicles should be discussed with an experienced attorney prior to assigning blame or accepting insurance payout.

Our car accident attorneys and professional staff will get to know you and your situation well, because the better we know you, the better we can represent you.

Recovering from a bicycle accident can be a long, hard road. And it is a road you should not head down alone.

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be a long, hard road. And it is a road you should not head down alone.

Trucks are subject to special traffic laws and regulations to minimize risk posed to the public, and our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to effectively represent clients injured by negligent truck drivers.

Injured motorist who is victim of roadway defects must pursue different legal remedies from motorists who suffer a traffic accident due to another driver and, as a result, a person and their loved one’s rights can be very confusing due to the structure.

Most spinal cord injuries are irreversible, meaning that the victim may be saddled with permanent disabilities, so it is extremely important for victims of these injuries to obtain appropriate compensation.

These claims usually arise from actions an insurance company takes, or fails to take, after incidents like a motor vehicle accident or property damage.

While no amount of money can bring back your loved one, your family need not suffer financial losses because of someone else’s fault/poor choices/bad behavior.


If you or your property has been harmed as a result of a poorly designed or manufactured product, a free consultation can determine if you have a case.

Many products we pass off as completely harmless or likely harmless could pose a safety risk, one cannot always assume that a product will be safe for consumers to use even under normal use.

Gas explosions can be among the most terrifying and ruinous incidents in a homeowner’s life, leading to extensive property damage, injuries, and even death.

Although injuries that result from defective medical devices are the subject of product liability actions, injured patients may also have additional claims against their doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals.

Catastrophic injury lawyers will look at a large number of factors when evaluating pain and suffering, including the amount of physical pain the victim had to endure, how much emotional stress the victim went through, and the loss of enjoyment in life they’ve suffered.

Burn injuries can come from many different incidents; a work accident, a defective product like a hot water heater, a motor vehicle accident, a home fire, or even the intentional act of someone else.

Whether electrocutions occur at home, as a result of faulty products, or as a result of a problem with the power company, victims have many rights depending on the nature of the accident.

Birth injuries fall under the category of medical malpractice: bad deeds done by a doctor, medical provider, or hospital in connection with the birth of a child.


If harmed by a hazardous condition on another’s public or private property, you may be eligible to claim and receive compensation for your injury.

Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. When a dog bites, injured victims can hold the dog owners liable for restitution and compensation.

Slip and fall cases refer to incidents in which a person has hurt himself or herself due to something that the property owner has done or has neglected to do.

After a wildfire, know your legal rights and how you can protect yourself from utility companies and insurance providers.

Brain injury recovery requires time, financial resources, and a team of medical and rehabilitative experts. A brain injury attorney can help ensure access to that team for as long as you need.

Victims of involuntary amputations must contend with surgery, rehabilitation, often in a hospital setting, the cost of a prosthesis, and likely life-long care under the supervision of medical professionals.

It is wise to seek competent legal counsel after a construction accident to ensure that your rights are protected, since a statute of limitations applies to all workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

Providing safe and secure environments for visitors is the responsibility of all property owners, whether they own a public or private property.

Massage parlor abuse and misconduct can take many forms, such as inappropriate touching, groping, massaging areas of the body without proper consent and imposing, intentionally or otherwise, severe and lasting emotional distress.