Fighting to Make Meat Safer – Who is Responsible When Meat Makes You Sick?

The same man who took on E. coli in the 1990s is now taking on salmonella. According to an in-depth story by The Washington Post, Bill Marler’s law firm filed a petition with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking it to ban 31 salmonella strains on poultry and meat. Few people realize [...]

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Implied Consent and Sexual Assault Claims — Should Doctors Ask to Touch You?

With the attention that the #MeToo movement has generated, many medical professionals and patients are beginning to question implied consent more closely. Does a doctor need to ask a patient for permission before the doctor touches the patient? Is implied consent enough to protect a doctor from sexual assault claims? Highlights from this article [...]

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Investigation Reveals Sexual Misconduct Charges Against California Physicians Increase Substantially

An investigation by the Los Angeles Times published in August 2019 claims that complaints related to sexual misconduct by California doctors have risen by 62 percent since 2017 . California’s state medical board received over 11,000 complaints against surgeons and physicians between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. That was the highest number in [...]

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Bicycling Accidents in California — What Do You Need to Know About a Bicycle Accident?

California continues to top the list for bicycle accident deaths in the nation. However, state and local governments are slow to implement safety measures to protect cyclists in California. Therefore, bicyclists need to take extra steps to protect themselves from a crash with a motorist. They also need to know what to do in the [...]

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Holding the Boy Scouts of America Accountable for Allegations of Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse by Scout Leaders

The rumors are circulating again that the Boy Scouts of America is considering filing Chapter 11 as the number of lawsuits against the organization grows. The organization is facing escalating legal costs related to allegations that the organization was negligent in handling allegations of child molestation and sexual abuse by Scout leaders. Many people [...]

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Nursing Home Abuse Discovered At San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital

Patients in a ward of the Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco, that primarily houses patients with dementia, were the victims of nursing home abuse, according to numerous reports and government officials. The public facility is operated and owned by San Francisco and serves about 800 patients. The facility is one of the largest skilled [...]

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Pedestrian Accidents at Red Light Crossings Increase

Accidents at intersections can result in traumatic injuries and deaths. A common cause of intersection accidents is running red lights. A driver attempts to "beat the red light" or is distracted and does not notice the red light. Whatever the reason might be, the deaths from red light running accidents are increasing. Want more [...]

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Uber and Sexual Assault — Report Highlights Serious Danger for Uber Passengers

Ridesharing is promoted as a convenient, safe, affordable, alternative to other forms of public transportation. Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies offer drivers a way to earn extra income by using their private vehicles to transport passengers who request rides through the rideshare app. However, the companies have been plagued with problems over the [...]

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PG&E Loses Battle to Lower Its Liability for California Wildfires

The latest update to the PG&E bankruptcy includes the most recent ruling against the utility company. While the utility company publicly promotes its efforts to help wildfire victims and survivors, it continues to work behind the scenes to minimize its liability for wildfires started by PG&E equipment. California Wildfires and [...]

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Filing Claims Related to the Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting

On July 28, 2019, the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California was the scene of another incident of domestic terrorism. An individual entered the festival with an AK-47 rifle and began randomly shooting people. Gilroy is the site of the annual garlic festival, which attracts roughly 100,000 people each year. Three people died in [...]

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