Archdiocese of Los Angeles Updates Clergy Sexual Abuse List

It seems each day that new allegations of sexual abuse against members of the clergy surface. Allegations of sexual abuse by members of the Roman Catholic Church clergy continue to plague the church. In addition, allegations that the church turned a blind eye to the abuse have resulted in numerous lawsuits against the Catholic [...]

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PG&E Chapter 11 Could Cause Additional Harm and Suffering for California Wildfire Victims

Not the First Time the Company Has Hurt Its Customers Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was formed in 1905. PG&E has been supplying power to millions of Californians for over 110 years. However, the utility company has had more than its share of problems and incidents. In this article, we discuss a few of [...]

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Patients of former USC Doctor Dennis Kelly Have Additional Time to File Claims of Sexual Assault

A class action settlement is pending regarding allegations against the University of Southern California (USC) and Dr. George M. Tyndall. Once approved, the class action settlement resolves the claims of women included in the class action lawsuit against Dr. Tyndall for sexual assault while they were students at USC. However, the class action lawsuit does [...]

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PG&E Blamed for Causing the Kincade Fire

PG&E equipment is being blamed for starting more fires in California, including the Kincade Fire. As of November 6, 2019, Cal Fire reported that the cause of the Kincade Fire was still under investigation. However, information from PG&E suggests that there is a strong chance that its equipment was responsible for the cause of the [...]

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Changes to California’s Deadlines to File Sexual Abuse Claims and Sexual Assault Claims

California has led the way in changing its laws to allow victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault the time they need to seek justice from their abusers. Changes in California statutes of limitations for sexual abuse cases have opened the door for additional victims to file civil lawsuits for sexual assault claims and sexual [...]

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USC Students Have Additional Time to File Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Campus Doctor

On October 2, 2019, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1510 into law. The new law gives victims of some sexual assault lawsuit cases an additional year to decide whether they want to pursue civil action against certain physicians for sexual assault. The law does not apply to all victims of sexual assault, nor [...]

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What Do Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse in California Need to Know About Assembly Bill 218?

Post Updated: November 6, 2019 to reflect changes in current laws Adult victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault often face enormous challenges as they deal with horrific acts inflicted upon them as children. One of those challenges is holding their abusers accountable for the acts of abuse and wrongdoing. California lawmakers have recently enacted [...]

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Filing Personal Injury Claims Related to Waterproofing Sprays

Waterproofing sprays are designed to seal and protect everything from footwear and clothing to bathtub and shower grout. In many cases, cans of waterproofing spray claim that they “safely and effectively” create a water-resistant seal to protect items. In some cases, the packaging includes claims that the contents or ingredients used to create the product [...]

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Is It a Case of Massage Envy Inappropriate Behavior or Complete Negligence and Willful Misconduct?

The number of women alleging incidents involving Massage Envy inappropriate behavior continues to increase. BuzzFeed News investigated several reports of women who alleged they were victims of sexual abuse and Massage Envy inappropriate behavior. The report in 2017 concluded that the popular massage chain was more interested in protecting its brand than it was in [...]

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What is the PG&E Claims Bar Date for the Camp Fire and Other California Wildfires?

The PG&E Claims Bar Date in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is getting much closer. Survivors of the California wildfires are strongly urged to contact their attorneys immediately if they have not done so to determine what they need to do, if anything, to ensure their claim is filed before the PG&E claims bar date. [...]

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