Dangerous Waterproofing Spray Products

For decades, companies have been manufacturing, distributing and selling durable water proofing spray products, which promise to safely and effectively re-seal water resistant clothing, footwear, other apparel, and shower / bathtub grout. These low cost spray products look as innocuous like a can of spray paint, and often contain labels touting their “earth-friendly” ingredients. But [...]

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Massage Parlor Abuse

Misconduct and Sexual Abuse at Massage Parlors Over the past several years, there has been an alarming spike in the number of allegations of misconduct and sexual abuse at massage parlors throughout the country, including, specifically, against Massage Envy Franchising LLC, a massage parlor and spa chain with franchises in California. Misconduct and abuse at [...]

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Are utility companies liable for the California wildfires?

Homeowners whose homes and possessions have been damaged or destroyed in the recent California wildfires—or who themselves have been physically injured, or are reeling at the loss of a loved one—may be left at a loss as to how to receive compensation for their damages and injuries. Recent news reports, and recent history, however, suggest [...]

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Santa Rose, Napa and Sonoma Fires

Liability of Utilities for Forest Fires Recent events throughout the country have raised the question of whether and to what extent utility companies may be liable for fires or other natural disasters that result from a utility company's actions or inactions. Damages ranging from such fires can be astronomical, and can include the destruction of [...]

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California Birth Injury Attorneys

Nationwide, more than 500 birth injuries occur each week. That’s a rate of about seven injuries for every 1,000 births. While some of those injuries are minor, others require significant treatment or even have long-term effects. At the Thompson Law Offices, we help children who have been injured at birth and their families obtain the [...]

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Jim you mentioned to me a case involving the YMCA in a steam room, can you tell me about that?

We were contacted by a family about a husband who had passed out in a steam room at a local YMCA. And in the steam room, he suffered a heat stroke. He had liver failure, kidney failure, and I think his internal temperature went well over 105, 106 degrees. They didn't think he was [...]

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Jimmy have offices in Missouri and California. Do you notice any differences or significant differences between the two states?

Well, the laws are different. But in my business, the way we handle it, that's not the crucial probably, 'cause no matter where you go, people are same. I know we get a lot of this red state, blue state stuff but I'm here to tell you, we're all cut from the same cloth, [...]

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Jim, you’ve been practicing for over 40 years. You must have some pretty interesting cases.

Yeah, I think the most interesting one is, once I got a phone call from a lady. And she was being sued for rent possession. She'd fallen behind her rent, and they were suing to kick her out of her apartment and make her homeless. Now, I don't handle those kind of cases, but [...]

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Jim, your two sons are involved in your practice, too. You must be pretty proud of that.

Yeah, actually I am. [chuckle] I can't tell you how many times my son told me growing up they would never be a lawyer, but here we are today and two of 'em are. And once they got into law school and started practicing and actually see what we do, I've seen the same [...]

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California Burn Injury Attorneys

More than 200,000 burn injury victims are treated in U.S. emergency rooms each year. Surprisingly, only about 13% have suffered burns in a fire. The most common cause of burn injuries requiring treatment is non-fire “thermal contact.” In simple terms, that means coming in contact with a hot object, such as a stove burner, hot [...]

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