Cal Fire determines PG&E responsible for at least 12 deadly Wine Country wildfires in 2017

On June 9, 2018, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) determined that Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), the dominant supplier of electrical and gas services in northern California, was responsible for at least 12 deadly wildfires in 2017 that, combined with numerous others, amounted to one of the deadliest wildfire [...]

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Toothless corporate policies continue to fail to protect Massage Envy customers

Despite Massage Envy’s recent re-commitment to corporate safety, as described in a six-point plan adopted shortly after investigative reporting revealed hundreds of sexual assault claims pending against its massage franchises and employees, reports have surfaced of new sexual assaults claims, and continued misconduct and mishandling of existing claims. In April, 2018, a Florida woman alleged [...]

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Is Massage Envy’s franchise structure to blame for its rampant sexual abuse?

In late 2017, Massage Envy, the nation’s largest chain of franchised massage spas, issued a statement promising to revamp its corporate policies in an effort to stave off the more than 200 lawsuits that have been filed against the company and its franchises, and the likely hundreds more than have yet to be filed. Massage [...]

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Residents Continue to Struggle to Rebuild After California Wine Country Wildfires

Now months after the California wildfires of 2017, residents and businesses are still struggling to rebuild after one of the most devastating wildfire seasons in California history. PG&E, the northern California utility company now widely seen as responsible for many of these fires (and, particularly, for the so-called Wine Country fires around northern California), has [...]

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PG&E Responsibility for Northern California Fires

Recent investigations have conclusively suggested that PG&E is directly responsible for at least one of the deadly Wine Country and North Coast fires that ravaged northern California in 2017. On October 8, two small fires in Santa Rosa ignited close to, but separate from, the more well-known Wine Country fires that destroyed over 6,000 homes [...]

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Sexual Assault at Massage Envy Parlor – Your Rights

Sexual assault at Massage Envy massage parlors across the country has risen to the level of an epidemic. Hundreds of men and women have come forward with allegations of assault, ranging from unwanted touching to forcible rape. Likely thousands of individuals have been impacted by the practices of Massage Envy massage parlors, and the full [...]

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PG&E’s Continued Efforts to Skirt Maintenance For the 2017 Wine Country Wildfires

As PG&E's legal woes continue, PG&E has increasingly attempted to devise more and more outlandish ways to skirt full financial responsibility for its actions and inactions. Estimates suggest that it may be liable for nearly $10 billion of damages stemming from lost lives, injuries, lost property, businesses, fines, and more as a result of the [...]

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Massage Envy and Sexual Abuse Allegations

Recent investigations of Massage Envy, the multi-billion dollar massage franchisor with locations throughout the country, suggest that the scope of the massage parlor sexual abuse allegations against the company and their franchises extends far beyond what was originally believed. As of early 2018, at least 180 claims against the company have been filed, with doubtlessly [...]

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Ghost Ship Fire – 2016 Oakland Warehouse Fire

In December, 2016, a deadly fire broke out at an artist collective and event space known as the Ghost Ship in Oakland, California, during an electronic music concert attended by at least 50 people. Before the night was over, 36 people had died, making the Ghost Ship fire the deadliest fire ever in the city [...]

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