Filing a Wrongful Death Claim for the Camp Fire and Butte County Fires

Update on Camp Fire and Butte County Fires As of December 10, 2018, three more people were identified, bringing the number of deaths attributable to the Camp Fire to 85. Three people are unaccounted for with 31 people being tentatively identified and 50 people being positively identified. Crews continue to search the charred remains for [...]

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Victims of Camp Fire Might Now Face Dangers from Mudslides

CBS News reported on November 20, 2018, that the death toll from the Northern California Camp Fire was at 81 with heavy rains bringing the threat of mudslides to the area. Families who have already lost loved ones in the Camp Fire may now face additional life-threatening conditions. As the number of individuals who have [...]

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California Department of Insurance Asks Insurance Companies to Expedite Claims Handling Procedures for California Wildfires

The latest estimates of insurance losses from California wildfires is between 9 billion dollars and 13 billion dollars. These estimates include property and auto damage, such as burn and smoke damage, business interruption, additional living expenses, and contents loss. With this level of destruction and disruption, there is an urgent need to expedite claims to [...]

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How To File a Business or Commercial Fire Loss Insurance Claim?

With frequent wildfires in both northern and southern California, insurance companies are under intense pressure to save money and reduce the size of their reimbursements. If your business has been damaged by a wildfire, be prepared and understand what your commercial property policy covers and how to make a commercial fire loss claim. A typical [...]

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Is PG&E Responsible for the Camp Fire Wildfire?

The images are heartbreaking. However, for the survivors of the Camp Fire wildfire, the reality is far more devastating and tragic. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the wildfires in Butte County. Even though the fires are still raging, the work to determine how the fires started and who is liable for the [...]

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How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim After a Fire

A homeowners insurance policy covers damage from fires—like those in southern and northern California. And like those wildfires in California that raged throughout Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Butte, Tulare and Solano, it’s important for everyone to know how to file a homeowners insurance claim after disaster occurs. Types of Insurance Coverage The Basic Form insures your property against a basic list [...]

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Public Policy Favors Civil Litigation

In many areas of our lives, including entertainment, literature, and news reports, lawsuits have been cast in a dark light. America is known as the most litigious country in the world for a good reason. Americans are beginning to take notice. A Wall Street Journal article reported that 87 percent of voters polled agreed that [...]

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Filing Claims for School Sexual Assaults — Has A Teacher Sexually Abused Your Child?

Child sexual abuse cases involving teachers are being reported across the country. In a recent California case, the Redlands Unified School District settled lawsuits involving three teachers who were accused of molesting eight students. The lawsuits alleged that school officials failed to report the incidents of sexual abuse of students by school staff members. In [...]

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Are Your Children Safe with a Sitter You Hire Online?

In a June 2018 article by the Bay City News, the public learned of the arrest of a former high school teacher by Walnut Creek police officers on charges related to acts while he was working as a babysitter. According to the news article, Brandon Genest who was 27 years old at that time was [...]

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What Do I Need to Know About California Law in Cases Involving Traumatic Brain Injuries?

The hardship and loss suffered by victims of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and their families can be overwhelming. The financial, emotional, physical, and mental damages can have long-term consequences that alter the lives of TBI injury victims and their families. Some victims suffer debilitating communication and cognitive problems that severely interfere with their ability to [...]

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