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Today, the law firms of Thompson Law Office, P.C. and Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP announce a major civil lawsuit against Massage Envy that seeks to stop a State-Wide Epidemic of sexual assaults occurring at Massage Envy locations by Massage Envy’s massage therapists.

This Massage Envy lawsuit is being brought on behalf of numerous women that suffered egregious sexual assaults and exploitation at the hands of Massage Envy’s massage therapist. These women’s sexual assaults were not limited to this County. These assaults occurred throughout this State from Orange County up to Sacramento County. And these are only the assaults that we know about.

Without their courage and strength of these brave women to put an end to the rampant problem of sexual assaults occurring at Massage Envy’s locations, we would not be in a position to help hold Massage Envy accountable. We would like to thank these women for coming forward.

One Massage Envy therapist, named Brandon Davis, was recently arrested by local police. The San Mateo County District Attorney recently filed charges against Brandon Davis charging him with assaulting 13 women here in San Mateo County. We would like to thank the police and District Attorney their diligent work and prosecution of Brandon Davis.

One of our clients was assaulted by Brandon Davis while at the Massage Envy location in Burlingame on Howard Avenue. Unfortunately, we know that Brandon Davis had been accused of improper acts prior to our client being assaulted. Yet, he was allowed to remain at Massage Envy with unfettered access to women which he used to continue his assaults of other women. These assaults should not have happened and were 100 percent preventable.

Sadly, Brandon Davis is not the first Massage Envy masseuse who went on to assault additional women after a report of inappropriate sexual conduct was reported. Through this civil lawsuit though, we hope he will be the last.

This Massage Envy lawsuit seeks to give a voice to all of the women in California who were sexually assaulted or exploited at Massage Envy, and to stop Massage Envy from protecting criminals within their company at the expense of the safety of its customers.

We would implore any women in this County or throughout the State who experienced any improper conduct by Brandon Davis or other Massage Envy masseuses to come forward and join the brave women that have already spoken up and help us put an end to the epidemic of sexual assaults occurring at Massage Envy locations in Burlingame and throughout the State of California.

Change and accountability start with transparency. We are seeing firsthand the importance of transparency playout in the recent grand jury investigation and report in Pennsylvania pertaining to sexual misconduct by priests in the Roman Catholic Church. The customers of Massage Envy, especially those women who have been assaulted, deserve the same. Every person who receives massage therapy, whether for medical reasons, stress relief or otherwise, deserves to be fully informed of the dangers associated with Massage Envy, including, but not limited to, a full reporting of all the instances of sexual misconduct committed by Massage Envy massage therapist as well as preventative and remedial measures taken by the company to prevent future Massage Envy assault. We hope that Massage Envy, through these lawsuits and otherwise, will begin to put the priority of its customers safety above profits and protecting its brand.

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