I think it makes a huge difference. First, navigating the legal requirements to proceed with the lawsuit are complex, and most people simply cannot navigate those on their own without the advice and counsel of a good lawyer. And secondly, an injured party needs a good attorney to help them see the strengths and weaknesses in a case, so they can make a decision on whether or not to bring it in the first place. Many Americans thinks that there are too many lawsuits and that many lawsuits are frivolous. And that’s largely because people are bringing lawsuits without lawyers, or they’re hiring the wrong lawyers. They’re bringing claims that shouldn’t be brought in the first place. That’s why I think it’s important for an injured party to talk to a good plaintiffs lawyer, so that plaintiffs lawyer can explain the strengths and weaknesses in the case, so that that person can make their decision on whether to proceed.

In addition, it’s important to collect evidence and preserve evidence early in the case. And a lot of times, an injured party either can’t do that because they’re bound in a hospital or at home because of their injuries, or they don’t know to do that. And only a good legal counsel will help them preserve that evidence so that their case can be successful down the road. And there are a plethora of other reasons why I think it’s important, but we’d have to have a lot more time for that.