Jimmy you have offices in Missouri and California. Do you notice any differences or significant differences between the two states?

Well, the laws are different. But in my business, the way we handle it, that’s not the crucial probably, ’cause no matter where you go, people are same. I know we get a lot of this red state, blue state stuff but I’m here to tell you, we’re all cut from the same cloth, and what people believe in Missouri, they also believe in California. And even in California, it varies from county to county, from state to state… I mean, from city to city, and even within those people, it varies within those. No one is like… If you compare to an election, no one wins by 100%. And there’s some technical differences, but overall, they’re very similar. But it’s more procedural differences about how you’re gonna prove your case, not what you have to prove. Most of the elements are pretty standard nationwide, although there are various from state to state and we know those, and we’re prepared for them. But the important thing is how to understand people and help people make decisions. That’s the hard part. That’s where the experience comes through. And knowing how people decide things, how juries decide things, and that’s what we work on. That’s what we excel at, and that’s what people come to us for.