Jim, your two sons are involved in your practice, too. You must be pretty proud of that.

Yeah, actually I am. [chuckle] I can’t tell you how many times my son told me growing up they would never be a lawyer, but here we are today and two of ’em are. And once they got into law school and started practicing and actually see what we do, I’ve seen the same commitment and pride that I take in practicing law and representing people blossom with them, too. As a parent and as a mentor, it’s rewarding beyond belief. A lot of time I spent with young lawyers in my area. I’ve taught as an adjunct professor at University of Missouri at Kansas City Law School, trial advocacy. I teach kids how to try cases.

All the classes that I’ve had, I’m still in contact with students. They still call me up and tell me how they’re doing and ask for advice, and I freely give it because it’s part of being a lawyer. We wanna help not only the lawyers in your own firm, my sons, but you wanna help other (young) lawyers too because whatever makes our profession better makes my job easier. And so by helping those young lawyers, they return the favors to me and my sons. It’s always great when you get that call. I know I got a little feel from the question about having my sons practice with me, but the pride I take in them practicing law and the work they do, I really take it in a lawyer. When I see a (young) lawyer’s doing a good job and getting a good result for their clients, I applaud that because that makes it all better for all of us. And I just wanna see more of it, and I think we will.