Isn’t it hard to take on a product manufacturer in a legal (product liability) case?

Sometimes there are some challenges to bring in a product liability, because the injuries might not be that severe and the company (product manufacturer) that produces the dangerous product has vast resources. And those companies make business decisions that they would rather spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and litigation, as to paying those claims. So in a smaller injury case, it’s difficult because the cost of litigating against the company (product manufacturer) are so high. And that’s because we have to hire expert witnesses to help prove that the product was defective, and fly across the country taking depositions of the defendant’s employees to prove that the product is defective.

So in some cases, if the injuries aren’t severe enough, it’s challenging to bring and win a product liability case. However, if the injuries are severe and the injured party’s damages are high, those economic barriers no longer exists. And all that’s required is a good plaintiff’s attorney along with injured party who’s willing to take on a big corporation or company (product manufacturer) to try to help take that dangerous product off the market if possible, and to seek recovery for that person’s injuries.

Many companies (product manufacturer) don’t like the fact that their product is being alleged to be defective, don’t like the negative press that they might get from that lawsuit. So sometimes the defendants has economic incentives to resolve cases, and to change their product so that it longer hurts people. So, while there are challenging cases, they’re by no means insurmountable. And many, many plaintiffs across the nation have been brave enough to bring those case, and change corporate behavior and take dangerous products off the market.