Our child was killed while riding a bicycle in a crash with a car. What are our rights as parents?

Oh, in a tragedy like that, parents of the child are entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or persons that caused that crash. That lawsuit is for the loss of comfort, society, friendship and love, for the death of that child, as suffered by the parents and for other consequential damages like funeral expenses and the like. If the child suffered for any period of time prior to his or her death, then the parents can also bring a survival action, and to recover for the child’s pain and suffering for the period of time between the crash and the child’s death.

Such cases are some of the most difficult cases from an emotional standpoint and it’s important for a parent of a deceased child on a bicycle to consult with the lawyer about the process, because the litigation process can be quite strenuous and difficult to deal with, on top of already losing a child.