Wildfires & Utility Companies

PG&E’s Continued Efforts to Skirt Maintenance For the 2017 Wine Country Wildfires

As PG&E's legal woes continue, PG&E has increasingly attempted to devise more and more outlandish ways to skirt full financial responsibility for its actions and inactions. Estimates suggest that it may be liable for nearly $10 billion of damages in PG&E lawsuits stemming from lost lives, injuries, lost property, businesses, fines, and more as a [...]

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Ghost Ship Fire – 2016 Oakland Warehouse Fire

In December, 2016, a deadly fire broke out at an artist collective and event space known as the Ghost Ship in Oakland, California, during an electronic music concert attended by at least 50 people. Before the night was over, 36 people had died, making the Ghost Ship fire the deadliest fire ever in the city [...]

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A Perfect Firestorm – PG&E’s Saga of Negligence and the 2017 California Wildfires

2017 saw some of the deadliest fires in the history of California, and of the entire United States. As more and more facts have come to the surface, mounting evidence suggests that PG&E, the major California power and gas supplier, is to blame for most, if not all, of these deadly fires. Injured homeowners and [...]

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Class Action Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit Stemming from Fires

The fires that have raged throughout northern California have not only caused direct injury to those in the paths of the fires, but, if PG&E, the utility company that many now allege is to blame for the fires, is found to have caused or led to the cause of the fires, such events could threaten [...]

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Filing an Atlas or Tubbs Fire Lawsuit in Napa and Sonoma

Victims of the Tubbs and Atlas fires in Napa and Sonoma counties have been devastated by the scope of destruction of the fires. These fires now rank among the deadliest and largest in the history of California. Those impacted from the fires, ranging from bystanders, visitors, homeowners, businesses, families, and friends of individuals injured or [...]

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Class Action Lawsuits Against PG&E

With hundreds, and, potentially, thousands of people directly impacted by the fires across Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties in northern California, some injured plaintiffs are turning to class action lawsuits. These class action lawsuits are focusing on the entity that they believe may be responsible for these fires: PG&E, the utility company responsible for power [...]

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Are utility companies liable for the California wildfires?

Homeowners whose homes and possessions have been damaged or destroyed in the recent California wildfires—or who themselves have been physically injured, or are reeling from the loss of a loved one—may be left at a loss as to how to receive compensation for their damages and injuries. Recent news reports, and recent history, however, suggest [...]

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Santa Rose, Napa and Sonoma Fires

Liability of Utilities for Forest Fires Recent events throughout the country have raised the question of whether and to what extent utility companies may be liable for fires or other natural disasters that result from a utility company's actions or inactions. Damages ranging from such fires can be astronomical, and can include the destruction of [...]

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