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PG&E Loses Battle to Lower Its Liability for California Wildfires

The latest update to the PG&E bankruptcy includes the most recent ruling against the utility company. While the utility company publicly promotes its efforts to help wildfire victims and survivors, it continues to work behind the scenes to minimize its liability for wildfires started by PG&E equipment. California Wildfires and [...]

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PG&E Chapter 11 Could Cause Additional Harm and Suffering for California Wildfire Victims

Not the First Time the Company Has Hurt Its Customers Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was formed in 1905. PG&E has been supplying power to millions of Californians for over 110 years. However, the utility company has had more than its share of problems and incidents. In this article, we discuss a [...]

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PG&E Blamed for Causing the Kincade Fire

PG&E equipment is being blamed for starting more fires in California, including the Kincade Fire. As of November 6, 2019, Cal Fire reported that the cause of the Kincade Fire was still under investigation. However, information from PG&E suggests that there is a strong chance that its equipment was responsible for the cause of [...]

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What is the PG&E Claims Bar Date for the Camp Fire and Other California Wildfires?

The PG&E Claims Bar Date in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is getting much closer. Survivors of the California wildfires are strongly urged to contact their attorneys immediately if they have not done so to determine what they need to do, if anything, to ensure their claim is filed before the PG&E claims bar date. [...]

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PG&E Requests Rate Hikes Amid Confirmation Its Equipment Started the Camp Fire and After Filing for Bankruptcy Relief

After admitting its equipment was the “probable” cause of the Camp Fire, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) sought to increase rates for California households for natural gas and electric service. According to PG&E, the rate hike request was based in part to ensure the safety of the public. However, the Governor’s office had a different [...]

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The PG&E Wildfire Assistance Fund is NOT the Same Thing as Filing a Proof of Claim

You may have read about the $105 million wildfire assistance fund proposed by PG&E in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy judge approved the housing assistance fund and urged PG&E and unsecured creditors committees to work quickly to choose a third-party fund administrator. The fund is designated to assist wildfire victims of the 2018 [...]

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Claims Bar Date Set in PG&E Chapter 11 Case, Northern California Wildfire Victims Urged to File Claims

If you have a claim against PG&E for damages arising from the Camp Fire, Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire, or other California wildfires, you need to take note of the claims bar date set by the Bankruptcy Court in PG&E proceedings. The bankruptcy judge has ordered that October 21, 2019, is the last day to file [...]

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Northern California Wildfire victims lawsuits continues despite PG&E bankruptcy filing

PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 on January 29, 2019, in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California. The bankruptcy filing did not take many by surprise as the corporation had stated it was facing millions of dollars in damages because of the California [...]

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Carr Wildfire and Camp Fire could have been prevented and so can the next California wildfire

Could the Carr Wildfire and Camp Wildfire Have Been Prevented? According to a recent story by ProPublica, numerous government agencies in California knew about the dangers that led to the Carr wildfire in July 2018 and did little to nothing to prevent the horrific catastrophe. The Carr Fire was the third of four catastrophic [...]

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Filing a Wrongful Death Claim for the Camp Fire and Butte County Fires

The Camp Fire and Butte County fires caused millions of dollars in property damage and altered the lives of thousands of individuals. In this article, our Camp Fire lawsuit attorney discusses: Update on Camp Fire and Butte County Fires How to deal with the aftermath of the Camp Fire FAQs about filing a [...]

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