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Is Your Bottled Water Making You Sick – FDA Identifies Failed Quality Standards

Most people drink bottled water because they believe it is safer or healthier than the water they get from their taps. Some people may drink bottled water because they like the taste better than their local tap water. Many individuals take bottled water with them on vacation or purchase bottled water while on vacation [...]

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Filing Personal Injury Claims Related to Waterproofing Sprays

Waterproofing sprays are designed to seal and protect everything from footwear and clothing to bathtub and shower grout. In many cases, cans of waterproofing spray claim that they “safely and effectively” create a water-resistant seal to protect items. In some cases, the packaging includes claims that the contents or ingredients used to create the product [...]

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Dangerous Waterproofing Spray Products

For decades, companies have been manufacturing, distributing and selling durable waterproofing spray products, which promise to safely and effectively re-seal water-resistant clothing, footwear, other apparel, and shower/bathtub grout. These low-cost waterproofing spray products look as innocuous like a can of spray paint and often contain labels touting their “earth-friendly” ingredients. But what these [...]

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