Nursing Home Abuse

Horrific Elder Abuse at San Francisco Laguna Honda Hospital — Fighting Elderly Abuse in California

We are receiving more details about the alleged elder abuse that occurred at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital. Through two recently filed lawsuits, we are given more insight into how patients were sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused by hospital staff and the negligence of hospital officials and city officials allowed the elderly abuse to [...]

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Nursing Home Abuse Discovered At San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital

Patients in a ward of the Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco, that primarily houses patients with dementia, were the victims of nursing home abuse, according to numerous reports and government officials. The public facility is operated and owned by San Francisco and serves about 800 patients. The facility is one of the largest skilled [...]

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California Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

California nursing home abuse is, unfortunately, a real problem that thousands of elderly residents deal with across California. A nursing home or residential care facility is supposed to be a safe place for elderly or disabled loved ones who are unable to care for themselves. In California, about 110,000 people live in 1,300 licensed nursing [...]

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