Bicycle Accidents

California Cyclist Accident Statistics – Is Bicycling Safe in California?

We do not want to frighten anyone or encourage anyone to give up bicycling. Overall, bicycling is a safe and enjoyable activity throughout California. However, we do believe that riders need to be aware of the danger they face each time they ride. We also believe that cyclists should understand their legal rights and the [...]

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San Mateo County Personal Injury Attorney Teaches Bicycle Accident Law

San Mateo County has miles and miles of beautiful bicycle trails and paths for bicyclists to enjoy. Many residents choose bicycling as an affordable alternative form of transportation. Other individuals enjoy bicycling for health, relaxation, and socialization. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents cause thousands of injuries and fatalities each year. In this article, our San Mateo County [...]

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Bicycle Injuries from other bikes and potholes

I was injured in a bicycle collision by another bicycle rider, when he tried to avoid a pothole on a street. Who do I sue, the bicycle rider who ran into me, the city that left the pothole? That's a good question. Under California law, a plaintiff has to bring all parties that are potentially [...]

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